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I get to help people realise their career goals, their potential and their value in the work arena every day. It is my dream job and more satisfying than I ever imagined.


My career history spans over 20 years mainly in advertising, recruitment and publishing, all have been unique businesses driven by passion, vision and innovation. These things are, to my mind, an essential part of the pinstripe solutions interview coaching mission.


In 2005 myself and Sue Muller of The Pharmaceutical Locum Company (recruitment) won the Micro Category of the Telstra Small Business Awards for NSW. Shortly after I took my interview coaching business, started in 2000, full time.


By 2006 we were already an Australia wide company. 2007 saw the development of a unique product called The Self Coach Workbook, broadening our ability to reach people in our specialty industries, Aviation and Pharmacy, with a more diverse product.


Success is a very relative term, but what our career candidates have in common can be identified by their willingness to take a risk, to learn and to change. Not only has this resulted in an incredible success rate but it is quite simply inspiring.


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