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What to ask at the end of an interview

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, resume and interview expert You should have questions prepared for the end of your interview. Intelligent, well thought out questions that benefit you as the candidate and illustrate your commitment to this role. Let me start … Continue reading

That Dreaded Telephone Interview

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, resume and interview expert   Do you have a job application in? You may only get very short notice to prepare for the phone interview.  That seems to be the trend.  It’s called pre-screening, and you’ve … Continue reading

Dealing with Career Hiccups?

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, interview and resume expert   – Redundancy – Gaps or time away from your career – Being fired – Leaving due to lack of OH&S – Industry downturns or economic crises – Failing training – Serious … Continue reading

5 Things I Hate About Resumes

Contribution from Kirsty Fergsuon, Resume and Interview Expert   Resumes are really important. It is your ticket to being selected for an interview.   Ask yourself these 5 critical questions:   1. Do you have an eye catching design? 2. … Continue reading

Independent Contractors

Is your locum an employee or an independent contractor? If you are unsure and want clarification the Australian Government has a series of free resources on its business resource website that will help clarify the situation. Similarly, locum pharmacists seeking … Continue reading

Important Information re Govt Funding for Pharmacy Owners

Government Funding in Case of Emergency. If your pharmacy is located in Pharia 2-6 and  you have a medical emergency or personal tragedy,  you are eligible for Government funding and an emergency locum supplied within 24 hours for a maximum … Continue reading

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