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Costumer Service Is The New Marketing

Another good article from Word Of Mouth Online that we couldn’t resist sharing. Great insights for anyone dealing with customers & patients.   OK, so you love your work and hopefully, you love your customers. But everyone needs a little … Continue reading

5 Ways To Defuse An Angry Customer

Customers are not always right… But the customer is always the customer.   Word of mouth Online recently sent out the article below which really struck a cord with LocumCo. Insightful and applicable to any pharmacist and pharmacy owner.   Despite the … Continue reading

The Top 5 Mistakes Made in Pharmacy Recruiting

Recruiting for a new member of staff is not easy and can very time consuming. It’s important to select the right candidate for the business as well as one with the right cultural fit. Pressures on time mean that it … Continue reading

Recession-proof your resume

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, Interview & Resume Expert With the words “possible recession” doing the rounds, 2015 is shaping up to be another tough year to secure your dream job.   So how do you make sure that your resume … Continue reading

Why parents need to prepare their child for job interviews

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, Interview & Resume Expert My friend’s nephew has just discovered how difficult it is to get a job. I’m not talking a full time career; I’m talking about a casual or part-time job whilst still in … Continue reading

Is Your Workplace Gender Equal?

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, Interview & Resume Expert   To progress in the corporate world takes focus, strategy, hard work and smart work. You’d like to think that would be enough, but for women in particular the cost can be … Continue reading

To apologise, or not to apologise – Advice from PDL

Should you apologise if you make a dispensing error or if some other mishap occurs in the course of your practice as a pharmacist?   Curtis Ruhnau, Director of Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL) provides the following advice on the giving … Continue reading

Who Is Supporting Your Career Goals?

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, Interview & Resume Expert   Last night I attended a Style Workshop prepared by a new Fashionista Entrepreneur, The owner is a friend and she had never done a workshop like this one before. Myself … Continue reading

How to Hire the Right People for Customer Service

A great publication by Mary Shulzenko on LinkedIn last week that we wanted to share. A very interesting read for both Pharmacy Owners as well as Staff looking for new opportunities.     Do you agree that exceptional customer service begins … Continue reading

The Secret To Appearing More Confident

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, Interview & Resume Expert   Whether it is meetings, presenting, conducting a lecture, attending an interview, or even going on a first date, we all want to project confidence.  My niece recently started her own recruitment … Continue reading

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