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Job Seekers Top 3 Priorities Right Now according to LinkedIn

Shared by Wade Burgess, VP of talent solutions at LinkedIn.   LinkedIn asked over 26,000 professionals what they look for most in an employer. This is what they said.   Last year, job openings in the U.S. hit a five-year high, clocking … Continue reading

6 Tips for Managing Passive Employees

Great insights from RecruitLoop this week. Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Megan Thomson from NSK Consultants. Her opinions are her own.   Recognising there are weak links in your team chain may sometimes be the best thing for your … Continue reading

10 Ways Having Happy Employees Can Increase Profit

A great insight from Recruitloop this month.   We all know that we seem to have more energy, are less stressed, more creative, more helpful to others and achieve more when we are happy. Yet when it comes to workplaces, … Continue reading

Recruiting a Superstar: 5 Ways to Engage Candidates

Another great article from ReruitLoop that we wanted to share with you. Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Marissa Letendre – a RecruitLoop recruiter with a wealth of experience based in Tampa, Florida. Her opinions are her own.   … Continue reading

12 signs you made a bad hire

Here is a great blog from Recruitloop that we wanted to share with you.   Editor’s note: This is a guest post written by Sue Lingard – Marketing Director at Cezanne HR Software. Her opinions are her own.   Recruitment actually starts … Continue reading


Here’s a blog we saw on fast company that we would like to share.   WHEN YOUR INTERVIEWER ASKS, “DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FOR US?” YOU’LL BE READY. BY GWEN MORAN You scored the interview for the job you really … Continue reading

The 10 reasons People Really Quit Their Jobs

A great article from RecruitLoop we could not resist sharing:   You might just want to take a seat, since I’m about to share a few facts that may shock you!   Nearly 60% of employees are dissatisfied at work … Continue reading


Article by Susan Muller, Director The Pharmaceutical Locum Company.   As I network at conferences and talk on a daily basis to pharmacy owners, there is one question that is repeatedly asked of me, more than any other: “What can I … Continue reading

Find Your Pharmacy’s Biggest Opportunities Today

The days of simply opening the front doors of your pharmacy, and watching patients lining up in front of your dispensary because you offer them the convenience of being located close to home are over. Build it and they will … Continue reading

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Allowance

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia recently posted this article on their website. If you are a pharmacist in a rural or remote area, please note there financial support is available to access CPE:   Overview The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) … Continue reading

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